Long weekend, short story

Well after school was semi over… I say semi because I still have an last exam today at school >.>

For the first time in a longgg time 😛 I delighted myself on going to San Diego to go sightseeing, yes! I felt soo free since I didn’t have the time behind me telling me to go back to Tijuana to do stuff lol, didn’t do much of a line to cross, just 1 hour which is considerable good for the 3 hour normal weekend time to cross, so my first stop was Krazy Kevins hobby shop, I saw their store on the Tamiya website and decided to visit for the first time, they didn’t have anything good though, so after that I went over to Michael’s … OMG that place is huge! I was in there for about more than an hour… and didn’t buy a single thing LOL!! but seriously, they have  a lot of cool stuff that gave me ideas for my garage kits ^^ and my last stop was my favorite store that I’ve stopped going for the last 2 years: Hobby Discount Store! I went to buy some paints, thinners and masking tape >.> spent like 20 bucks and it hurt lol! I wanted to buy so many things xD but I was missing some cash… gonna have to wait until my christmas bonus comes in!

I continued woking on my current WIP that you can find the update here, by the end of the day I wanted to go to the grocery store and ohhh surprise! I had a flat tire T_T had to call my mom cuz I didn’t have anything to change my reserve tire.

I’ve been looking at a lof of kits! I so want a lot of them! damn money >.> If only I had more lol. I’ll place a Wish list page in case someone wants to buy me one 😛

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