Rainy days

There’s something about rainy days that I love, I don’t know what makes me feel all squishy inside, but the smell of wet floor, the cold air, the wind, I just love it! makes me want to get a hot cop of cocoa grab my favorite flees blankie and just stand outside my balcony looking at how the rains falls =^.^=

It’s a good thing that I’m on winter vacation now, I can do a lot of stuff I can’t do in normal school days, I decorated¬† my apartment yesterday ^^ hope my cats don’t bring anything down T_T they just can leave my ornaments alone T.T … which reminds me… I need to go to san diego to buy xmas gifts, this year we did an exchange so I have to buy my sister a gift xD I need to buy some little details to my friends this year too ^^

And my Luna Arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go get her though, since my aunt wasn’t at home I couldn’t go get it because she’s in San Diego, her home is my personal PO Box xD, I’ll post picture of my package later ^^

And I’m almost done with my demonbane figures !! =D I’ll get another update up today or tomorrow ^^
In the mean time you can check my previous updates on the left side of the page ;D

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