I saw Kanketsu and met with Gurren

I haven’t seen a lot of anime lately, though now that I’m on vacation and finished my last kit from demonbane (which I’m still working on the base so it’s not completely finished) I decided to try out and see what all the fuss was all about, I personally don’t like mecha animes, but someone said to me that Tengen Toppa Gurren Langan was not as I thought about boring robots trying to do the impossible (insert random gundam scene here) so I decided to give it a try, fair enough by the end of the first episode I was hocked! It’s so funny, I never imagined Yoko being the “intelligent” gal she was in comparison  to the crazy rebellious girl I imagined, very interesting story line and the mechas are actually funny to watch in battle,   indeed this series is nothing liked I imagined before, I’m up to episode 6 and still liking it, which is trange for me though, if an anime sparks my interest on the first episode, I wil watch it until the end, my trial time for animes is around 1-3 episodes, if it doesn’t seem interesting by them, I drop it, so this is good 😛

So I’ve always been pissed off because of how the InuYasha saga “ended” for me Rumiko Takahashi doesn’t know how to actually make a good ending for almost all of her stories, even if she is the Queen of Manga,  InuYasha was no exception, before it hit the US before it was commercialized and rip to shreds by the media and you would see otakus dressed as the half demon all over Anime Expo, I used to like Inuyasha, not knowing it was going to be a horrifically long anime full of fillers, I watched until the end only to be disappointed because the anime advanced rapidly and left the manga incomplete, almost 5 years have passed since InuYasha ended and now the final Arc has been produced!

I said I would never see IY again, but just because it will actually have an ending I decided to watch it, to my surprise… I still liked it even after all these years of disappointment, I just reached episode 3 and already there have been 3 of the main villains have been killed,  it’s been so long that I don’t remember a lot of things, for example the relationship between Kagura and Sesshomaru, so now that the 26 episode long arc has been defined, I plan to watch to see this supposed ending, I just hope Rumiko doesn’t dissapoint me for a second time with IY, because if this is good then I wall also see her new story Rin-ne, but IY is looking good so I’ll let you know if I liked the new ending or not xD

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