Happy New year?! noooo another year passed again -_-‘

So a quick synopsis of what happened from xmas to new years:

Xmas was nice, went to my mums house and had a lot of delicious food, opened presents and had left ofvers for the next week xD

Since I was on vacation I dedicated a little time to Luna which you can see my new WIP here, she is really hard to prep… a lot of bubbles and I’m making some modifications to it so it’s taking a while to start painting her -_-‘

In other news… MY DANTE has arrived! well it arrived since the 28th but since my aunt left for Las Vegas I have yet to go and pick it up at San Diego this week, but OMG I’m so excited to start working on him! 😀

So my vacation is over u.u back to work, back to school soon too 😦 so I’m guessing Luna will be my last project until next summer brake u.u If I finish her soon I may be able to finish Dante also, but let’s see what happens.

And yeah…. only 2 more years until the end of the world …. 2012 o_o …. c’mon do people really believe that? I might but I don’t think the world is actually going to end, it will probably change in some ways that the world as we know it will end.. maybe an alien race? who knows. though the movie was quite entertaining 😛

I’d post more images of my xmas stuff but my camera is giving me problems…. so guess u guys will have to wait 😛

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