I’ve found my next phone!

I’ve always been a fan of Sony Ericsson, since 2004 when I bought my first cell phone I’ve liked how SE has developed styles, functions, features and above all, media. I’ve only had one Nokia, which was the 6600, but i didn’t like it that much for media, it was great for apps but not for pics, music or video, all my SE phones have been series W, I like how it plays music, movies and takes great pictures, something I have not seen in other cell phone brands and models.

But now I’ve found my next phone model and it aint SE or Nokia…it’s gonna be from Google! yes! google just launched the new phone that will leave the iPhone out of business, the new Nexus One, I’m just in love with this new gadget!  When the iphone came out I wanted to buy it, but once I got a closer look at it, I was disappointed, it didn’t have a lot of features as I image it would have, heck it didn’t even have bluetooth connection! so I just gave up on the idea of getting that phone, now the only problem is that it’s only for the US… or so they say , if you want to buy it will cost you $180 if you buy it through T-mobil, but if you want it unlocked it will cost $530 bucks, so unless I win the lotto or wait until it hits Mexico I wont be able to have it in my hands…  so I’ll  just have to wait it out until I think of something to get it LOL, I could buy it and have it unlocked here, but since it’s a new phone I don’t think anybody knows how to unlock it yet :S

It has really nice features and I love the specs on it also!

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