Van and Hitome 1/7 | Princess Kakyuu 1/8 scale GK

So, I was looking at my new figure that came yesterday (finally) Dante is here! I was looking actually at the reference picture, I could actually see the name of the sculptor on the background, the name was HEAVY-GAUGE, my curiosity didn’t stop there, I started to look for the website and did find it, it was not in English though, so I had to whip out my old Japanese dictionary to get my way around the website, to my surprise I came across a never before seen garage kit (at least by me) it was a sculpt from Escaflowne Van and Hitomi in the most loveliest pose I’ve ever seen.

This is a masterpiece, there was only 1 problem, the sculptor never intended for this GK to go on sale 😦 It was only for show and tell for a magazine, so this sucks, finally a decent Escaflowne GK and this happens 😥

This is a 1/7 scale GK, not sure how many cm or in tall, but non the less I hope this will some day be mass produced.

Their faces have a beautiful expression, sigh…. I want this Kit!!! T.T


This sucks big time, I some times find a once in a life time RARE GK and it aint available, or if it is, it’s really expensive T_T like the other day, I found an original sculpt of Princess Kakyuu from Sailor Moon, very lovely kit, I contacted the sculptor and to my surprise he lived in CA, so I asked him about the kit, he said that he still had one last recast but he was selling it for 130 dollars @_@  I’m still not sure if it’s worth it or not… what do you think?

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