K-on! or KO? or wait wha…??

Today is a fairly boring day at work, so what do I do? just roam around the internetz to check out new stuff to entertain myself with, and sure enough I found some cool stuff.

Now I’m not a Haruhi die hard fan, in fact, I watched the anime but I was not impressed, there were some funny parts in between but that was it, I found this cool Mikuru PVC figure, now again, I’m not interested in Haruhi or buying any GK’s of her or the cast, but this figure cached my eye, the simple fact is that I some times like Punk Goth, If I had the body type I would go buy all my cloths from Hot Topic, but unfortunately I don’t, I’m not a fashionista but I like certain types of styles, the sad part is that I never dress they I would like to dress u.u

For me I would dress with something like this but not with that skirt, probably with some pants that have some cute chains.

This kinda reminds
me of some Visual K cloths

I would ware something like this but not that exaggerated ^^’

So anyways, I saw this 1/7 scale figure and I thought that if this would be made into a GK, I would totally buy it!, it’s totaly the style I would ware! ^^ Plus I love the attention to detail on her dress, I just love chains *.*

Mikuru Asahina gothic punk version

1/7 scale figure is made by Griffon

Changing topics xD

I stumbled upon a crossover between K-on! and Vocaloid, I never knew Hatsune Miku was a software for voice editing, and they actually made this software some sort of avatar that now everybody wants her, specially because she has her own voice and is not acted by a seiyuu, apperantly she tends to cross over in a lot of animes in which there is singing involved, I watched K-on up until episode 8 or 9 then just dropped it, I did like it but it was getting a little boring, some characters started to irritate me >.> but non the less I though that this cross over was funny and maybe even a little entertaining xD

This might be old but it’s new to me 🙂

And also! I’ve been following the Dead Fantasy Series for a while, I think it has been awesome seeing 2 video game characters (Final Fantasy – DOA) fight to the death which never seems to come xD the moves and fighting choreography are really nice, and now the IV installment to the series has been done! so in case you didn’t see it, you can check it out here:

Dead Fantasy I

Dead Fantasy 2

Dead Fantasy 3

Dead Fantasy 4

Dead Fantasy 5 Trailer

Enjoy the fruit from my boredom xD

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