I’m still alive

Yes I have not yet been blown away by the wind or drifted away by the serious floods here in Tj, it’s been raining for the past 3 days, even though I like the rain a lot, I prefer to be in my bed when the storm is outside, yesterday the street where I live in was flooded to the point that it looked like one of those crazy fast rivers, I was expecting to see a kayak LOL, I should have taken a picture 😛 I’ll do it next time, as they predict that we will be receiving 6″ of rain the next hours… that’s a lot.

School will start soon, it sucks, need to pay my tuition by the 29th, sigh… I’ll be having to take classes with 4 different groups, that’s what happens when you get left behind because you did not go to school for a semester T_T

I haven’t been able to put Luna together as I need to buy Future floor wax to be able to seal those acrylic paints, I went to San Diego this past weekend to buy it and apparently nobody has it, at least nobody who I went to, Walmart, Target, Kmart… seems no one carries it, and it’s funny because if you go to their website it tells you that they sell it >_> so I started to investigate and it looks like Home depot has it, so if it stops raining by Saturday I will go and buy it to finally finish her T-T, for those of you that are thinking “Floor wax?!!!!” yes you read right, this is an acrylic floor wax that protects any surface, it’s now known in the modeling community that this product can be used to seal your work, and you can also dull it to give it different textures such as flat, ultra flat, satin, glossy or super glossy if you mix it with a flat base, so that’s precisely what I’m going to buy, using a Lacquer sealer like Testors dullcoat will eat up the acrylic paint, so this is an alternative to risking your finished work to incompatible sealers.

So I know it’s not enough stuff said but when it a rainy day (in this case week) and you are missing tools to finish up stuff.. theres not much say :/

2 thoughts on “I’m still alive

  1. Hello Leona, soy el que hablaba español de SD Animanga. yo fui el que me gane el otro GK. todavia prefiero los gunpla o zoids, pero le hare el intento a armar y pintar uno. Though i might have a tough time cause i live in an apartment complex and can’t really be creative here without bugging other people. anywho, now i am rambling, all i wanted to say was thanks for the lesson, it was awesome and to let you know that i went to my local walmart and saw Future in the aisles for wood and floor cleaners. It has the same bottle design, only that it is now called Pledge with future shine. laters and hope to see you at another event or maybe a screening in the future.

    • Hi Juan!

      It’s great that you enjoyed the little workshop, there are people that have the patience to do them and others that don’t but it’s not that hard to make, with some practice you can make a lot of cool stuff, I have lots of patiences and have a lot of fun painting, though the only part I hate is the masking part xD

      Anyways, yeah I’d love to see you guys again in another event or screening 🙂 or even maybe a SF tournament, Israel like the idea of going to play with you guys :p

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