Zero punctuation

About a year ago a friend of mine past a link to me, when I opened it, it was a video of one of the most hilarious critics I’ve ever seen, he’s name is Yahtzee, he is a long time (I’d say all his life) gamer that reviews a lot of video games in the most fastest, funny and obnoxious way, putting himself portrayed as a kind of stick figure but not a stick with his recognizable hat. His series is called Zero Puntuation and being hated and loved by a lot of fans he loves to just talk talk talk with no punctuation in his reviews thus the name Zero punctuation, I’m not a very big fan of video games, I’d say I’m just a casual gamer that plays from time to time, I know the titles of probably the most popular games but never played them since I never had a console, he can make me laugh so hard that I would get interested in the game because he bashes a lot of titles along the way that it just sparks your interest in them LOL.

If you’re a hard core gamer and doesn’t like it when someone talks sh*t about your favorite game, his videos are the ones to see, a new episode comes out every Wednesday and for people that like on the west side of the planet, you can see it on Tuesday, I recommend it a lot if you like sarcastic humor!

Moving on to another subject, as you can see or even if you didn’t notice, I have already finished Luna (you can find her pics on the gallery page) it took a lot of time to finish her since I didn’t have that Future floor finish, and YES I did find it!! go to your nearest HOME DEPOT at the garden section you will fin all the cleaning products, I found it there for $7.59, I’m very happy with the end result! finally my acrylic paints won’t be eaten away by the sealers!

And also! I got my notification that Sailor Cosmos will be shipping out next week!!!! which means that she’ll be getting here in about 2 weeks! Finally! after 3 months! I think she’ll be the last kit I buy for this year unless I get a hold of a very good deal and buy some bargain kits, plus school is starting on Tuesday .. which sucks btw so I won’t have the same time to do her if I were be on vacation 😦 sigh.

But all and all I hope I can think of something to keep buying kits… and a new display cabinet … I ran out of space to put my figures in!!! xD

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