Mayu Shinjo…Queen of Sensual Manga

When it comes to sensual delicious manga, Mayu Shijo takes all the cake.

I’ve read a lot of “smut” catagorized manga but very very few accomplish what Mayu has done with her work.

Now if you love to read about love stories but also like the mature side of art, meaning for example love scenes and explicit content, all her work is just that, just a beautiful display of what a person in love can do, first off, her work is no hentai though it’s just on the brink of being it, her sex scenes are more tended to be somewhat mesmerizing when it comes to male characters, she gives new meaning to the word “Bishies”. Her male characters are sexy, mature looking and down right sensual, detail after detail in every drawing captures your attention to how she makes the characters express Love, specially from they guy to the girl, very masculine bodies and specially the back sides when in “special moments”, girl on the other hand are very innocent like in most of the story beginnings though with time and *hot moments* the slowly give in to unravel the sexy goddess withing them, the art is far most one of the best I’ve seen, a lot of detail is put into eyes, hair and character poses.

The backgrounds are more likely to be abstract in serious and sensual moments giving it a depth to the situation and giving all the attention to that only, but for most part she has nice work around buildings and outdoor areas, the plots of the stories are very well schemed in the majority of her titles, but every once in a while there will be some characters that fall out of balance from the story and they could even be the main character, take Love Celeb, Kirara is just down right annoying and dumb compared to her other girls, I’m not even sure if Mayu had a clear view of what she wanted to do with her, but around half of the story is where she decides to give her a more mature feeling.

Something that is always seen in the majority of shoujo manga is the fact you hear the girls thoughts and almoust none what so ever for the guys, Mayu doesn’t also gives us what the girls are thinking and feeling but surprisingly what guys also feel, they let us in on their little secrets and fantasies, you witness both sides of the relationship as it unfolds, the special thing about this is that you can fall in love with the male characters as they express what they truly feel instead of the awkward silence and serious looks that other guys in mangas throw at you.

Most of the stories emphasize on the male feelings more than on the girls feelings; guys go above and beyond to get, snatch and embrace the girl they want, but that’s whats so captivating from her work, not only do these guys look good, sexy and manly but also have a tremendous capability to express love. Girl chars are very crucial in the stories but the guys just give us some really really good eye candy.

So if you like shojo, romance, drama a bit of comedy and explicit content, give Mayu’s work a chance to show what they can make you feel like after reading them.

I decided to give this mangakas review as I’ve read all her work and I can’t seem to just review her instead of the mangas because they each deliver the same quality, so why not review the maker instead? ^^

If you’d like to read her mangas, follow this link you can read almost all her work there as a free scanlations.

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