I’m not dead…. yet

Yes, I know it’s been weeks since I posted or updated my blog, but I have good reasons for it! school vacation is over, so time to go back to classes and put away my figures, sucks but I can’t do anything right now, I’ve already started on Dante and I’m finished priming for the time being, I’ll post some pictures later on my WIP section, also Sailor Cosmos has arrived! though I’m kinda disappointed to see that she is not 1/6 scale… from the looks of the piece size, this is a 1/7 or 1/8.5 scale, though her cape is huge, I have the idea that the body will have a hard time supporting the weight of it, hopefully it will turn out ok, so that’s for now regarding my GK updates xD

Now, the other day I’ve been seeing that a lot of people are into placing japanese stickers on their cars, I have some friends that love to drift, if it wasn’t for them I would have never know what it was, but since drifting was invented in Japan because of the ignorance of people, specially american and mexican drifters, they get the idea that by plaicing this wakaba sticker on their car will make them look cool racer…

but oh…. the truth is hars on those who think so… this sticker actually has a meaning and it’s the following:
This sticker is meant to be worn on the front and rear of a beginner Japanese driver’s car (or anyone with less than 3 years driving experience). It basically means “Hey, I am a noob, please go easy on me”.

and if your thinking if there another one that means the oposite, well yes… there is one:

This sticker is actually not that often seen in drifting cars, but they still appear…
this one actually means that you are a senior citizen (thus not such a great driver anymore – so people know why you drive slowly or for making mistakes).

So if anyone out there thinks those are some kind of mad tyte JDM “I’m a racer” sticker, think again.

you can laugh at them and they will still think they are cool xD

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