To dub or not to Dub?, that is NOT the question!!!

Ok, two posts in a day! I’m on a roll! xD it’s just that I have some stuff to talk about today so be sure to get some popcorn while you’re reading ;D

The age old saying that dubbed anime really sucks always rings in my delightful ears, to me watching my first Japanese dubbed anime was an orgasmic experience!

I do recall watching Spanish and English dubbed anime and since there was nothing other than that, it was ok for me at that moment but back in 1999-2000 the internet was arising with more popularity, that’s when I remember having Kazza as my first download program and from simple curiosity on reading about Rumiko Takahashi’s work in a magazine I typed in “InuYasha” on the search field… oh behold my seach results were:

InuYasha Ep 1
InuYasha Ep 2
Preview Inuyasha Ep 3

Yes! I was like WTF?! complete episodes? this has to be a joke, downloaded it and the first thing I heard was Japanese language, hoho it was strange for me, that’s when I discovered the amazing world of Fansubs, wonderful little critters aren’t they?, they record, encode, translate and upload so that clueless people like me could watch stuff that was transmitting from a far, well that’s what I thought that time LOL!

So from that day on I would only see subbed anime, I would now and then view dubbed anime though I NEVER LIKED WHAT I HEARD, differences in language always make it difficult to translate into your language specially if it’s formatted to try and fit you own country’s culture because it’s different from the Japanese culture which is a bunch of BS!
I’m one of those that I wouldn’t say “hate” dubbed anime, but I’d rather say that I don’t favor it. Now this is the part where I rant…

Dubbed anime is the majority of times crap, why? because American companies hire    OLD people to dub a young person’s voice! that’s why! the voice almost NEVER fits    characters personality, it makes them look like something else, but never sticks to    the principals of personality, for me a characters voice and acting is the SOUL of the    character, if the character has no personality or doesn’t fit it, I will never watch it, take    the typical serious girl like Ruri in Nadesko or Rei Ayanami in Evangelion, these are       voices of young girls that fit their serious personality, now when you hear them
in English they completely change it to some dry flat voice actress that doesn’t know     how to do the job to fit into the characters personality and make it their own.    Spanish dubs are the same, they never get someone to fit the character and even    worse, they add stupid Spanish jokes where there are no jokes to be said. lets face it    the dubbing industry has a lot to learn before providing quality anime dubs, they     get annoying voices into the chars or wayyyy off tone for the original thing, Japanese    voice actors have a deep voice and actresses have a very sweet charming and low tone    voice, girls sound like girls, boys sound like boys, adults sound like adults, there’s     nothing better than to hear the real thing and how it was intended to listen like.

/end rant

Ok so dubbed anime is hated by a lot of people, but I do have to say that out there between all the junk cole you will find some rare diamonds but you just need to know where to find them, for example I’ve seen a couple that get my pardon like Trigun, the cast actually fit the characters better than the Japanese cast, Goldenboy has the same scenario, I saw them in Japanese and English, i favored English more than Japanese and was surprised to do it. As far as Spanish dubbed series I’d say Evangelion is the only one to actually have a better cast than the Japanese one.

I know there are some that only have English as their original casting like Blood, Vampire Hunter D bloodlust, Afro Samurai, but they try to do their best at providing good personalities to the chars, and since there is no Japanese cast to compare it to, well we can’t actually say anything about it…
For the people that prefer dubbed over subbed it’s their choice, I have no problem at all by reading subs, I even studied and learned Japanese as a result of the awful dubs I’ve heard so I actually don’t read subs that much, I only do it when they speak too fast or very formal (me speaky slang mostly over formal), if the people like it fine, we live in free countries (both USA and Mexico ;D ) but I’d rather see subbed over dubbed.

This is only MY opinion only, I do not speak on behalf of all the sub followers, so don’t let this offend you if you like dubbed anime, after all the end result is the same: we both get to see the series the way we want to see it.
Just some food for thought ;D

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