Garage Kit -how to Event/Evento in San Diego!! and some other updates xD

Yes! I’m back… well for the time being lol, I know I haven’t updated my blog in a long time, school is worse than I expected xD I haven’t even Touched Dante!! …that bad! and I love touching Dante >=D bwahahah lol so I guess I won’t be able to make the dead line for the summer contest… oh well.. I still have the winter contest to look up to, so if my Dante can’t make his appearance this May, he’ll surely make it for November 😛

So with all school, homework and such I’ve yet to have some spare time to dedicate to GK building, I’ve been doing some other stuff, for example, about 3 weeks ago I went to Mount Laguna along with some friends, never been to a place where it was snowing 😀 but I just wished I’d go when I could see the road ahead me >.< we drove for about 3 hrs before we could get to our destination, I was going at 10mph because the road was freshly covered with snow and If I accelerated a bit more, the car would have zigged zagged and we would have went down the cliff xD but once we got to our destination it was worth the whole scare and nerve recking ride there 😛

At night when we got there

Once we woke up in the morning, the view was like being in a winter wonderland … literally xD one of the best weekends I’ve had recently.

morning came and snow was left 😀

So I recently (well not recently but like around mid December) joined an Anime Club located in San Diego, I really haven’t had the pleasure of meeting up with them on events and screening, but I did notice on their forums that some people like to model build, mostly just gundams and gunplas, so I posted my work and sure enough they liked my projects, in fact, I got invited to give out a little how-to event, I feel flattered, I never really Imagen myself giving a small class of how to build a GK, I don’t have tons of experience, but at least I have some years to share, so the date is this saturday 20th at Tacho’s house in Chula Vista, Tacho is the vice president of the club so it’s nice to be finally able to meet some peeps,

2 thoughts on “Garage Kit -how to Event/Evento in San Diego!! and some other updates xD

    • It wen’t very well 😀 had some nice experiences and got to meet a lot of nice people and had lots of fun xD

      I think I might do another presentation for next time but for here in Tijuana, and do some nice slides also 😛 but overall had a great experience, I also won a new GK that I was wanting for so long… I got lucky xD

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