Yay a new update!

Yes, it’s taking to long for me to update my poor little blog, school has been a nightmare, then work, and now recently I had a car accident and had been depressed for the last week or so, not anymore though, it was bad, a lot of damage to both cars, I had no insurance so I had to pay for everything, it sucks big time, but fortunately everything is getting better bit by bit.

Dante is still on hold because I have no time for him… I’ve been to busy with other stuff, the GK was a big hit, I had lots of fun, met new peeps and also won a new GK!! and it was one that I’ve been wanting to get for some time, it was too much of a coincidence that it was exactly that one that they took to raffle it XD I really got lucky!! so did my boyfriend as he is a big fan of Reflect, So I’ll be painting that kit just him 😀 which is the figure in the image below

She’s gonna be really easy to build and paint, I already started to pin her, but I need to finish Dante first before I can do anything else to her, i don’t like working on more than 1 project at a time.

I also bought a Rei ayanami figure, but it’s not going to be for me, I’m just gonna paint it and sell it, it was really cheap on ebay and it was not a thai kit xD, i’ve never seen this figure before, and I’ve seen a ton of Rei figures, the resin is a bit hard, but nothing difficult to prep, plus it’s a simple sigure, just has like 7 parts or less, plus it’s a plug suit xD nothing to paint but white.

Also!! my Suzuna is on her way 😀 finally after a year on pre order, she’s finally in stock!!! she’s gonna be my first nude figure to paint, I’m so exited, I really loved that hentai, it’s my favorite of them all… yes you heard me, I like hentai XD so?? I really recommend you watch it, it’s called No surface moon (aka moonlight lady) really great story, nice graphics and details and character design 😀

After I finish Dante, I’ll start with Shii, then let’s see who else is next by then, my boyfriend says I need to finish the kits I already have before I can buy more XD (that’s what he thinks) lol… Hi honey 😀

So anyways, yes, I’m Ok despite my car accident, and school will be over in about a month, so I’ll have some more time till then 🙂

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