Ai Yazawa is back!

Yes Ladies and gents, Ai Yazawa is back!!! after a long year she has returned to continue with NANA. It was published in last months Cookie magazine that she has fully recovered  from her undisclosed serious illness and out of the hospital, the manga has a new volume out and Yazawa sensei has posted a message to her fans at the end of the chapter, though we still don’t know how her drawings turned out as she never gripped a pencil while she was on sick leave.

But I don’t really care if the drawings are a little off, the important thing is that she is back and NANA will hopefully have a good ending, the manga left off exactly at a very critical and dramatic point where everyone was shocked after a sudden death of one of the characters, I won’t spoil it but trust me, you will be surprised to know who it is.

So be prepared for when we get that new chapters translated, you will need lots of tissues xD

One thought on “Ai Yazawa is back!

  1. Yayyyyy!!!!!
    i’m so happy she’s in good health and that NANA will be up and running once again,
    but i was more worried about her that the manga n_n
    the ending has already been spoilt for me Noooooooooo……

    thank you for the wonderful news

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