News, news and more news!!!

Yes! lot’s of news to share! this Week has been very VERY frustrating, sad and also exiting at the same time, let me start with the sad news…

The 91x Morning show is no more… on May 7th Mat, Carlos and Sammi were fired without any reason and they cancelled the show along with them, many angry fans raged against the 91X facebook page, this has left the community that listen to this show (including myself) very sad and outraged, all of us went out and supported Mat on the 91EXmorningshow page on facebook and many gave their support to bring them back and boycott 91x, to this they opened a new facebook page Team-91EX to make a new movement against the station and the owners. This was one of the most funny and entertaining shows I’ve ever heard, these guys made may mornings every day for the last 2 years, a different show where you don’t listen to stupid DJ’s just rambling about their own lives. Even channel 6 covered a story on the them:

SAN DIEGO – You knew him best as Mat Diablo, a popular morning show host for 91X — but now he’s the latest San Diego radio show host out of a job.

“This wasn’t entirely unexpected,” Mat told San Diego 6.

Station management has been less than open about the lineup change. Programming Director Garrett Capone issued a statement: “To be fair, this didn’t just happen. We all worked very hard for a long time to grow the show, develop it and make it as successful as possible. At the end of the day, the station needed to go in a different direction. No pointing fingers and no laying blame. Things just simply didn’t work out.

Diablo didn’t get much more info when he was let go. “The entire encounter lasted 5 minutes. We kind of got the same answer that everyone else got, that it’s just different directions.”

Diablo considers the parting peaceful but speculates it might have to do with new ownership. “You can draw the comparison with what happened with the Padres this year. New ownership comes in and they want to put their own stamp on the organization.”

Fans in support of Diablo are speaking out on Facebook. Click on the related link to read their views of the change.

“I think the reality is that we’re seeing another period of consolidation,” according to Diablo. “The short-term solution is kind of all they’ve got right now. Once they stay alive then they can worry about long-term.”

You can find the news recap here and you can also read Mat’ s official statement on his blog here.  Mat, Carlos and Sammi, you will be missed.

Secondly, Mangafox has removed all it’s “Mature” manga!!! yes >_> what good is it to visit that stupid site if it doesn’t have what I want to read anymore? Apparently   some of their sponsors complained against the continent of the page??? give me a break, I don’t know where the servers are located but it all seems like they are in the US as they stated that all that manga will be re-evaluated since it presents itself as child pornography… how is it that a simple drawing can be marked as illegal child porn??!!! that’s just Bullshit!! for now you can just find mature manga at they may have all the titles that mangafox used to have but not all of them.

Last but not least, some good news (at least for me XD ) Anime Expo 2010 is less than 2 months away!!! and I also have my press passes this year also 😀 … Sadly, my friends who always go with me will not be attending this year u_u, my friend who hosts the show will have his visa expired on June 29th and the event starts on June 30th, well at least that’s the day of the press junket, my best friend has some stuff to do, plus she has no money, and my other friend which was my Japanese translator is over in Japan, so this year I will only go for some interviews and the rest of the time just enjoy it with my boyfriend, it’s going to be his first time there, so I’ll be showing him around AX and also LA, we will be staying at a hotel half a block away from Hollywood Blvd so we will have a lot places to visit after AX is over for the day 😀 I’ve never visited the blvd, I’ve just visited Universal Studios, but only from the outside XD I would just go to the city walk because there was never any money to go inside 😛 so we’re hopefully have lots of fun 🙂

Also, school is almost over! just 2 more weeks and I’m out! finally! I’ll have more time to work on my GK’s, Dante is almost finished, I just need to add some details and he’s done 😀 I may be able to enter him on time for the summer contest ^^

That’s it for now, catch ‘ya on the next update 😉

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