Toys from the 90’s

I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday about how my family spends Christmas, my holidays are pretty much boring as the only thing I do is just spend time with my mom and sisters while eating dinner and watching my niece open her presents and be all happy and giggly about her new toys, she reminds me of how I used to see xmas before, expecting new toys, hopping I’ll actually get someone from the letter I sent to “Santa” but now that feeling is gone, as I’m the one who is playing “Santa” and buying presents, spending money and be broke after the holidays ¬¬

The toys I used to have were a few but I loved them a lot, I was remembering all the toys I used to have and here are the ones I could remember:

Beach Skipper was I think my first barbie doll I can remember having, this was back in 1989 I was about 6 years old

I used to love this doll, Hollywood barbie was the bomb XD she had long hair and she had a spray and stencils that you could use to spray on stars on her hair (you could wash it off with warm water after that) this was in 1993

forget jumping ropes!! skip it was more entertaining as it had a counter of how many skips you made, now that I think about it, it was fun and healthy, because you actually exercise back then, this was I think in 1994

Cherry Mary Muffin was my FAVORITE doll, her hair used to smell like cherries, even if you washed her, I have no clue how they did it, because she would still smell like that after years, she had a little try of cherry muffins that each time I would play with them I would want to eat them XD I got her in 1992

This was cherry Mary's cake, it was storage for her stuff πŸ˜›

I got Sun Sansation Barbie along with Hollywood barbie or a year later, but I loved her little necklace and gold strands on her hair

I had Salem the cat as a giga pet XD I used to kill him all the time LOL but I loved it

My first little lest petshop toy πŸ˜› I think I got this in 1992, I loved my kitteh

This was my send set of pets the next year

These toys were my childhood fun, it’s sad that I don’t have them any more, you never realize the sentimental value of a toy at young age, it’s until your almost 30 and your remembering what you used to have as a child and that’s when you write it on your blog to compensate LOL!

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