Cabal Online Forcium Blader Kitbash

I was thinking today that I wanted to paint a Cabal GK, but unfortunately there are non except for the one that E sculpted,so I was looking for something to actually scratch build, then it hit me to make a kitbash, I just needed to find a figure that would resemble or be similar to the blader, bladers have dual swords so after looking into it, I actually found something that will do the trick!

This model is actually a 1/5.5 scale, pretty big and great to bash it and make it into something new, so this along with my other project of Lady Oscar, will be made as future projects, I’m actually excited, because this figure has a very dynamic pose for the blader.

Plus I think it’s too much to say that I use to play Cabal for over a year until my account got banned ¬¬ but sure enough I still like the game very much!

If all goes well I would be doing this maybe next year once I gain more exp and mana points XD

Just so you know how a blader looks like here’s a video I made a few weeks before I got banned.

and here’s what I want to do:

you can see more pic of the original kit here

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