Anime Expo 2010!

Anime eXpo is just 9 days away!! I’ve always attended AX since 2005, I use to go to Comic Con but they ended up getting a lof of anime off the floor, not much demand for it I guess, so I decided to start going the extra 218 miles up to LA to enjoy 4 days of fun, excitement and just have a great time!

It’s been the last 2 years that I’ve gone as Press, since I have a podcast (used to be a TV show) about anime, manga, video games and general Japanese culture I was able to get access to this privileged group of people who actually get like a “VIP” treatment at AX, 1 on 1 interviews with the guests of honor, complementary passes to the shows and presentations including concerts with first row tickets and over all recognition from our fellow media comrades.

It’s been a very fun experience for me, I’ve never thought I meet a lot of people I used to idolize like Yoshihiro Nightow Triguns Creator, and Yoko Ishida, singer for a lot of anime Openings that I used to love like Ah my goddess and Ai yori Aoshi, and this year it’s gonna be very interesting! this year I’m actually meeting AND interviewing:

Rei Hiroe, the creator of Black Lagoon!

Yuu Asakawa voice of Makoto (love hina), Sasaki (Asumanga Daioh), Itoko Osakabe (school rumble)

MELL, singer, sang OP for Black Lagoon!

Danny Choo, blogger, Otaku, Tokyo Stormtrooper!

And last but not least:

Masakazu Morita, voice of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach!

I’m very excited! I’ll be taking a lot of things to have signed XD I’m still thinking of what to take for Rei and MELL, I want to take a base for the Revy figure I want to paint, it would be sooo awesome if they would sign the base for my GK :D, let’s see what happens! also I will be twittering on the 30th on how the interviews are coming and what I’m doing, so if you have a twitter account, just follow me and you will receive live updates of my intervies that day. 😀

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