Anime Expo 2010 came and went

This year was not so good to me, as far as the con goes, there were tons of people, lot’s of interesting things to look at but not to buy, at least for me, after the change in management the feeling at the con was different, I’m not at all happy with thew new CEO, all he has on his mind is Business and not at all interested in the culture part of the event, some main events actually had a 15 dollar charge to get in, if you ask me that’s BS, all events were free before he came around, but anyways, enough ranting, I was actually able to interview 5 of the 6 people we were booked with, unfortunately MELL came in really late for interviews, it was already 4 pm and our interview was at 3, she just arrived to the hotel and was eating with like 15 of her people, so sadly I said “that’s a wrap” because I was very cranky, super hungry and tired, so I bid farewell to her interview T-T but I was able to meet Rei Hiroe, Black Lagoons Creator and mangaka, he was really a serious type @.@ and also very quiet, I was actually able to get him to autograph what will be base for a future project XD.

Danny Choo was in the list, had a great time with Tokyo Stormtrooper, all the interview long I was looking at his Dollfy XD damn him! she was gorgeous!

When we got to interview Shinichi Watanabe aka Nabeshin, whoa! we got the most fun out of all the experience in interviewing! he was HILARIOUS! I believe he is the most FUNNY Japanese guy I have ever met, we could not stop laughing at all the stuff he would answer in the interview, I must say he is truly an entertainer XD

Now last but not least, Mr. Morita, the voice of Ichigo in Bleach 😀 OMG I was drooling the whole interview long… he’s sooo hot! (for a short guy XD ) he was really nice and also very interesting to listen to, out of all the people I interviewed he was the most easiest to understand (maybe because he wasn’t polite at talking XD ) I really liked him, a very charming person indeed 🙂

So that was it for interviews, we also got to interview Yuu Asakawa but I was so nervous that I forgot to take a pic with her >_<, but I do have a pic of the interview, she’s really cute!

I was very happy and excited to have met all these people, never in my wildest dreams I though one day I could be part of the Press and be able to meet 1 on 1 all of them.

As far as stuff and loot… well as I sad, very disappointed, I only bought a new wallet, celphone strap (the little skull Yoko has on) a T shirt and an original Anime Cel from Ayashi no Ceres to add to my collection, but while roaming around little tokyo I found some buried treasure! I actually found ORIGINAL Sailor Moon GK’s! it was like a dream XD just 10 bucks each!

It was a great find! for such a cheap price! Now I have way to mnay kits to work on XD I’m already working on 3 at a time so… ohh and btw I will be posting updates on my current WIPS, just be patient 😛

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