New Bayonetta 1/6 scale GK Figure

Finally I see a first and new Bayonetta Figure for a GK! This is a 1/6 scale model, that will be presented at the Wonder Festival 2010 in Tokyo, there was also a 1/4 scale model but she was too big and the pose was not as dynamic as this one in my opinion, I have no clue on how much she is going to cost as an original Kit, though I’m pretty sure it will surpass the 500 dollar mark.

I can’t wait to see her in the market, I know there will be few copies, I hope someone get’s one to recast her and save maybe 430 bucks (yes I’m very cheap).

There was a custom figure someone made after the first Bayonetta figure came out, nobody like her because her joints looked horrible and she was out of proportion, but this one is really nice, I played the game, like everything except for the whole fan service (for guys) some parts are just not for girl tastes -_- the whole taunting thing like saying "Do you want to touch me" I was like …. Uhm… Noooooo ¬¬ and the sexually suggestive poses which I was not interested in (again… fan service for the guys), but other than that I loved her story.

If the creator of Devil May Cry wouldn’t have created her, I wouldn’t have cared XD

Guess I will have to wait until someone gets her to be recasted, then she will DEFINITELY be on my workbench

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