Bayonetta 1/4 scale by VOLKS @ Wonder Festival Tokyo

Just when I think I had a favorite, here comes the new Bayonetta 1/4 humongous scale GK by VOLKS, I have to say I though I liked the 1/6 because of the in game pose they made her on, but this Bayonetta is wayyyy better in my opinion, the detail is ridicules, every inch of her is PERFECT, I have to give VOLKS one big great applause! they still manage to surprise me XD, she has been selling for 46k Yens that’s around 470 bucks O_O but I would still pay for her if I had the money and was stinken rich XD, I hope someone from my favorite retailer can recast her so that I can pay a fraction of the cost 😛

Now I just have to wait until they get her, patience is a virtue 🙂

What I like most about this figure is that it has clear parts as for her “sleeves” I hope I can get her sometime soon 😀

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