2011 First Post! E2046 GK Contest and more!

OMG It has been ages since I updated my blog.. sorry, been too busy with life and stuff, many things have happen since my last post, at least in my personal life that is, but now I have the time to update my site and work on my kits again.

First off, let me start with my current work, unfortunately I can’t show WIP’s of them at the moment since I just registered for the e2046 now 1 time a year GK contest, there was a summer and winter contest but it seems they decided to change to only 1 time a year,… I hope the prizes are better and that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will return instead of just THE winner and maybe an honorable mentioning ¬¬ and I hope the prizes are better also.

This is Poison from Final Fight, my intention is to enter her into the Junior’s Figure Section, I still don’t consider myself as “Senior” after I finish these kits and see how my own skills grow then maybe for the next contest I’ll enter as Senior, but for now just Junior, this is also a kit that I’m painting for my boyfriend, he loves poison a lot.
And there are these little SD Sailor Moon Group I’m working on, they have slightly different poses but pretty much the same:

The cool thing about these kits is that they are original ones, no recasts as you can see from the pics the Original Toei Animation certificate sticker on the boxes, which by the way, you would thing that since they are small and original instead of recasts that they would be better at working on, but omg… they have a lot of imperfections that need to be worked on :S and a lot of sanding and putting.

I’m also going to be working on my 1/6 Bayonetta kit after this 😀 I got her a while ago but my idea is still to buy the 1/4 scale one from Volks XD I soooo want her LOL!!

One point in particular that I have finally decided on my first Kitbash! I actually found a young artist that makes fan made sailor scouts but I actually liked one of her creations a lot! that’s a very rare thing, I normally don’t like fan made senshis but her’s caught my eyes at the moment I saw a little thumbnail on her DA page, I don’t know her real name but she is called Singing Kiwi I told her that if it was ok for me to bring her creating to life, she was thrilled and said yes, so this will be on my years list of garage kit projects to complete.

I already have in mind what kit to use to make this kit bash, it’s going to be a 1/8 scale of Eternal Sailor Moon, so I’ll be ordering 2 in my near future XD one for kitbash and the other one to paint just as she is.

An interesting fact is that this kit was the first one I ever painted, I found it again between my old stuff in my closet, my cats dropped her so she broke in several parts, but I didn’t care much as it was a thai kit and I also painted her with just brushes (it had a lot of flaws also LOL I wanted to kill it again XD ), so I think that now is a great time to re do, re make and re paint her as she deserves 😛

These are the current projects I have planned for my year, once I finish these up I’ll be adding more to my list 😛

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