God of War – Kratos 1/6 scale GK

So, for those of you God of War fans, let me say that the first GK of Kratos has arrived! yes! finally another MALE GK model XD I will so buy this model once it’s available, this is a 1/6 scale model and it’s heavy as hell O_O 1.7 Kilos ( 3.74 lbs) but it’s totally worth it 😀

I have seen a lot of these on ebay….DO NOT BUY THEM IF THEY ARE FROM THAILAND!! you are going to get really  SHITTY AND CRAPPY  recasts, if you want a good high quality recast, here’s the link where you will be able to buy it http://www.e2046.com/product/13521 I totally recommend this page to anyone, this is where I get all my kits from, they even some times have better quality than original casts XD

This is a BAD ASS Kit XD I haven’t played GOW very much, I just started to play GOW I but haven’t even finished it, my boyfriend is almost finishing GOW II so even though I have not played it much, I have seen some of the story so far XD

I’m very impatient to get him 😀

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