Polls for Sailor Moon Collection help

I’m currently in a ditch, Sailor Moon was my first ever anime I saw complete when I started watching anime, so like many people out there that started with sailor moon, I wanted to start making a collection of GK’s since that series has a sentimental meaning to me; so I decided to build a GK collection of them but I don’t know what to choose, either their “classic uniform” or the SuperS-Stars Version.

I made a poll in my blog, if you wanna help me decide, drop by and leave a vote and comment if you’d like, I plan to paint all of them and make little shrine or diorama once I decide which ones I like, this is obviously a long term project as I can only work on 2 or 3 kits at a time plus the monetary problem is another issue 😀


I made 2 different polls for the inner and outer senshis since I’m open to idea of having just the inner senshis with the Starts uniform and the outer with their original ones or vice-versa

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