Rants Rants Rants and yes… MORE rants…

I haven’t really done any ranting on my blog so I decided to let it all out, I just wanna rant about a LOT of different things, so it’s gonna be rant hell from here one 

In no specific order except for the first one XD

For GK Kits

I’m sick and tired of seeing so many Asuka and Rei Ayanami figures, for fudge sakes… there’s an Asuka and a Rei in every possible form, pose, with or without suits, boobs, with cat eyers, hentai version, ecchi version , heck just look up all the freaken kits on evangelion and you will see 98% of reis and asukas and 2% of the rest of the characters, even weird versions like Rei that doesn’t look like Rei, why can’t sculptors focus on making other character kits… for instance how about some MALE kits, yeah! you heard me MALE kits, this hobby was apparently directed to the male community, not so much as the female model and garage kit builders; what? did they think that we girls don’t like painting crotches and pecs and muscles and even a handsome face? nah… they only thought “hey well, our otakus in Japan are guys, guys that can’t go out and date any girl cuz they think they’re nerds, so lets make a lot of female garage kits with big boobs and sexy bodies so that they can balance their situation, they might not touch a real woman but they can at least touch a beautiful figure” LOL… my non existing ASS!! we girls long for male kits, not so much as female kits, but unfortunately

that’s pretty much what there is out there, I’m not saying that I don’t like female figures, but I’d rather build and paint a sexy or cute kit and not those that uberly gross and ugly.

Deviant Art….

Oh yeah… I’m going there…
I haven’t been on DA for a long time, I just like to browse and some times even comment or save some favs buts have you gone into their forums or chat rooms??? OMG troll hell… pretty much idiots and 12 year old kids saying stupid things thinking it’s funny or something… I’m going to put an example of one of the subforums…

Let’s go into one the “community” forums…
As you can see the subtitle and highlighted, Love and caring people should help you out with your problems right?

Well… once in there a lot of people of course come and ask for advise on life, well all you get is trolling and bad taste comments from idiots like this one:

this is just one of many comments you will find from restarted 12 year olds or maybe not so 12 year olds but 18 or maybe 30 year olds acting like 12 year old retards. This is one of the reasons I don’t like going into their chat rooms or forums, you’ll just end up really mad at a stupid avatar that remains anonymous avatar behind a screen which might be a crazy F**k that lives with his mother and sleeps in the basement and might even have a gun collection… like this Ass hole….

By the way… this guy is sooo wrong in sooo many ways… give me the creaps

So stay away from the trolls at DA’s forums and chat rooms XD.

The Mexican Tijuana-San Diego border

Ok, I’ve lived in Tijuana all my life, I was born and rised here, thus since I was a baby I have been crossing the border if not every weekend it has been a lot of times in a month, I have family there and also friends, I buy all my hobby supplies there as there are NO stores here in Mexico for hobby crafts, so I gotta get up early on a saturday morning, and prepare myself for 2 or maybe 2 1/2 hrs of tourcher… yes TOURCHER! why? OK I’ll tell you why… because the stupid american goverment thinks that since they got fuck up on 9/11/2001 they think that mexicans are trying to bomb away the border or something (by the way my birthday is 9/11… so my 18th birthday was pretty much crap thanks to Bush… yes Bush, not Osama, not Sadam… they have proved or at least a lot of people now know that bush was behind this), so what happens now? well the security level is always orange now… AFTER 10 F*IN  years they are still paranoid that mexicans can take over the US by smuggling home-made bombs made out of black beans and tortillas…. give me a fucking break… so you have to wait till the stupid immigration officer gets his butt off his seat (if he even wants to) to check every fucking car that passes through the gates,  if your line is advancing somewhat fast it’s because there’s a “cool” immigration offer or at least not a jack ass one, if your line is advancing at probably 2 cars per 10 minutes it’s because the imagination officer is a jack ass non american idiot, these guys are Filipinos and Latinos!! not even gringos! ehem.. I mean… Americans.. (no offence to Filipinos either).
Once you get to the gate the officer always looks at you like you’re some kind of terrorist, passes your tourist visa card over his computer and asks you where you’re going…
So after waiting 2 hrs in line and finally meet the ass hole that made you wait so long and ask yourself why were you even born, here’s how it goes:

Officer: “Where are you going?”
me: “San Diego”
Officer: “For what?”
me: (thinking) “To kill your dog with my deadly burrito!… ass hole”
me: (actual response) “Shopping”
Officer: “Are you bringing anything from Mexico?”
me: (Thinking) “Yes, drugs, I got a kid in my trunk and I’m also carrying an explosive donut”
me: (actual response) “Nothing sir”.

So after that normally they give you back your ID’s and you’re free to roam around FW 805 or the 5 LOL but seriously, before 9/11 everything was code yellow or even green, waiting for 45 minutes was a long time to cross the border, now that is in the past.

The “deadly donut” remark was because 2 weeks ago I went on a trip to the mountains in Laguna CA, we had some donuts on the dash board and the stupid officer sent me to secondary inspection, where they made me wait 20 minutes for nothing.. I was thinking “WTF now? we didn’t bring anything illegal so what’s the deal?” turns out that if you have any food of any type visible, they send you to secondary inspection which is bullshit in my manual. We don’t cross the border to kill or rape or be terrorists, maybe a few illegal immigrants will probably get jobs there, but it’s only to try to make a living because Mexico’s economy is in the pits and people need money, in my case, I just go there to have fun because Tijuana is really boring and has no recreational locations that are interesting enough to go to, I go there to visit my family and I also go there to buy stuff… so in my opinion… the US should not be such a tight ass when it comes to mexicans and the border, we go to your country to SPEND OUR MONEY IN YOUR COUNTRY so you are profiting even more from us. Bunch of Hippocrates.

So that’s mostly what I wanted to rant about today…. ahhh that felt good, I think I’ll do this more often XD

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