New Bayonetta 1/6 scale wonder Fest 2011

Well Cerberus Project has done it again! this time with a new Bayonneta at Wonder Fest 2011, From the last Bayonetta that they have sculpted to this one, you can appreciate the level od…. high detail since she is wearing pretty much nothing XD

They casted her in a position where in the game you would normally see her while she is making a summoning, if you can get yourself a hold of this kit, she can be a great figure to add the actual “demon” she invokes with her hair and make a fabulous diorama, either  Madama Butterfly, Gomorrah, Malphas, Scolopendra or what ever other Infernal Demons you like most.

I personally liked this one, in fact both Bayonettas that Cerberus Project has made up I liked a lot! So I’ll leave you with some pics of this years Bayonetta at Wonder Fest. I have a feeling that this is going to be a very popular character now amongst the sculptors 😀


And if you are wondering how the first Bayonetta looked like… well I do have a post related to it… but I know you’re gonna be too lazy to look for it so I’ll just put some pics here for some free eye candy 😛

By the way, this kit is already available for sale at here

Hoped you had fun reading my little post 🙂

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