Japan 3/11/11

As I see in the news how horrible the disaster is over in Japan and looking at the videos of when the  Tsunami hit, seeing all those cars trying to get away from the way and then being eaten, the blazing fires and the firefighters impotent to because of the heat and flames with the possibility of explosion, the people in the streets of Tokyo looking at the sky scrapers and how they wobble, the amateur videos being posted on youtube at the moment of impact and knowing that not hundreds but the death toll will rise to thousands… just bring a horrible chill down my spine and I myself feeling impotent while watching this and not being able to do anything, this day will be marked in Japan’s history as the biggest earthquake in modern history, 8.9 magnitude and then to top it all of Tsunami then aftershocks of 7.2 magnitude…

My thoughts and prayers go out to every body in Japan, makes you stop and think that even with so much technology, we still can’t predict when an earthquake is going to hit, maybe a tsunami but with minutes before it reaches land, but nothing prepared those people for what they were going to live today and most of them that didn’t even make it to see what was left behind the destruction.

If you wish to help the victims of japan, please follow this link to the American red cross, every little thing goes a long way.

I love the Japanese culture and all it offers to gaijins like me, so this surely makes me really sad. I hope everything will turn out all right at the end.

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