It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!!

I just took a look at my web counter and I just noticed…. It’s OVER 9000!!! LOL!!! 😀 I’ve always wanted to say that XD

But seriously, I’m surprised I actually have visitors here and I’m very humbled that many people have stop to peek into my little world, people from all over the world come here to take a look at what a Mexican-curio girl (and not that girly haha! I’m 27 years old) has to share for her work.

I’m very flattered for all the comments I’ve received and also for all the people that have asked me for commission services, It’s very gratifying to know that people like my work enough to ask me to paint for them 😀

A big thanks and I hope I don’t get many new visitors, but the same ones coming back over and over ^_^

Matta Ne!

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