E2046’s 2011 GK Contest

So it’s that time again!, the e2046 contest is back and everybody has come to show their works for the rest of the world to see, this is now going to be a yearly contest, before it was twice a year, one in the summer and one in winter, but I think this is better, everybody can relax and work on their figures without any rush and the rest can wait anxious to see what we’ve been cooking up in the oven.

Now that that’s been said, here come the ugly part, (lol yes, it would be strange of me if I don’t give the down part) Since the contest has 2 divisions: Senior and Junior, there are actually no rules for people to decide in which of these divisions they should enter their work, so with that this is turning out a very unfair contest, Why? simple; a lot of entries in the Junior section are wayyyy to pro for it, you can clearly see the big difference in a figure that has been painted by someone with major skills and someone who is just starting or has some time doing it, there are at least 3 entries in the junior section that don’t belong there: Entry 1617, 1885 and 1922 curiously the participants are all from China… know I don’t want to play the blame game but, either they could not distinguish the divisions or the Chinese like to cheap cheat by entering a contest in a junior division to clearly win with their higher skills instead of participating and competing in a fair “fight”. This happened last year also, someone with higher skills won the junior division that clearly needed to be entered in the Senior division, this is too unfair for the rest of us.
The problem lies in the gray areas of E’s rules, they don’t establish guidelines so that the entries can be correctly categorized, although they do mark guidelines for their diorama categories, people clearly break the rules and enter the diorama division with a figure that’s not really a diorama since they clearly mark that dioramas have to have 2 or more figures in the scene, making a very elaborate base with only 1 figure is NOT a diorama, even with this, they don’t make changes to the entries, so for me, this is kinda useless, I’ve already mentioned this in E’s forum, apparently since this is going to be a yearly event, hopefully the next contest will be more closely monitored in regards to the entries that people are submitting to each division.

For those of you interested in viewing the contest entries, here’s the link to it.

And for those curious to see my entry, just follow the link 😀

In other news, I’m about to finish up my sailor scouts, all I need to start building the base, also I’m starting to work on a new commission! and yes my current commission is up to 50% finished LOL she’s not that complicated to work with but she is very “voluptuous” but she’s turning out really well, I’ll be posting WIP updates on both soon 🙂

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