Anime Expo 2011 and then some….

Just 2 days before AX and I’m already a bit disappointed, I have been attending for 7 years straight, but all I have seen like all other con events is that the quality of AX has been going down, from the locations, to the programming to the guest of honor and the main events.

I remember the first time I went, I was amazed as to what I was seeing, prior to AX my only yearly event was comic con, but It also started declining on quality, specially for anime which was the only reason I was actually going to comic con, once I noticed that a lot anime booths were dissapering like Tokyo POP, Viz, Pioneer and the rest of the big guys that would normally give great freebies, I just looked for something new, thus came AX, it was all good until last year when the administration changed, before it was all about the cultural interaction and entertainment, now it’s just seen by the new CEO as just “business”, I didn’t get to meet him last year at the press junket, but a friend did and he told us that he was just a suited dick head with money in his eyes…good thing I didn’t interview him, I would have gotten pissed.

The exhibit hall is less and less interesting, many of the companies that left comic con, also left AX, same thing every year now, all I see is a bunch of companies that are just… well all I can think of is… “What the hell?…” why would I want to visit the “Yaoi Press” booth…. please…

The GoH are less and LESS interesting, before we would get news that a lot of mangakas, KNOWN music bands and artist and very famous voice actors were going to be presenting themselves at AX, now this year all we are getting is just… directors… producers and people that I personally would be very boring to ask questions about a certain anime or manga, they will just give their point of view from a “production” stand, and all this is compliments of the new money eyed suited CEO dick in charge, since all he sees is money, it’s obvious to me that he will bring crappy cheap people as GoH, bringing in a director is more cheaper than bringing in a seiyu >_>

I remember that the most memorable year at AX was 2007, that was the “musical” year for the event, Gackt, Anna Tsuchiya, Aya Hirano, Oreskaband and even more! those were quality guests, voice actors like Toru Furuya, mangakas like Kobe Donbo even Yuu Watase I believe was one of the first GoH back in the day when AX had a few years starting.

People ask for great bands like Asian Kunfu Generation, UverWorld, TM Revolution and they never deliver, how come AX being such a huge event can’t bring them but other smaller and not very promoted events can, like Pacific Media expo that brought TM Revolution a few years ago and also OLIVIA, Comic Con that doesn’t center in anime brought the creator of Bleach, and back in 99 they brought the most “want to meet” person for a lot of fans… Naoko Takeuchi… yes THE Naoko Takeuchi…

There’s a new event in town same days same time as AX, AM2… not sure how it would go but if Anime Expo get’s too boring I will probably end up going to AM2 on sunday though I’m still not sure even 2 days before it starts, and it’s because of a contest being held on sunday for models and gk’s, I was looking up to participate but a post from the person in charge of the event kinda brought me down, so I’m bagging my head against the wall… the contests is the same day and same time as a panel for a new industry guest at Am2: Rueben Langdon… who is he? well the one and only Dante! yes he is a stunt man/actor/voice actor and director for a lot of games and movies and I’ve always wanted to meet him, I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen but depending on how things end up at AX I will decide to go over there and meet him.

I had only that contest and Hatsune Miku’s concert to look up to this year at AX, but seeing how things are turning up, I think only Miku’s concert is the only thing worth going to AX now :/


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