PMX Workshop and other news.

This year has been great as far as things happening for my little hobby, this year I have some great news! I will be hosting a new panel/workshop at Pacific Media expo at the Hilton LAX 😀 This will be the second time I visit the event, it’s a small expo regarding all Asian culture, the first time I went I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the event as I was running up and down to get scheduled interviews since I went as Press, but this year it will be hopefully more fun! the date is set for Saturday nov. 12th, time is TBA, so if you’re in town on veterans day, drop by and say hi, the Panel will be on Anime resin figure modeling.

And in other news, a good acquaintance at deviantArt has published an article on Custom Anime Resin Figures, it’s very well written and documented, and also my work has been featured in it, so if you’d like to take a look, feel free to read it, and also be sure to read the rest of his articles about GK building,

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