Got robbed, hope he gets the karma returned.

So the one thing that has never happen to me before happened…
I was robbed in my own home while I was in another room watching tv with my boyfriend…

What the worse part to all this is that they robbed my 3 Shunya Yamashita figures… 2 of them were kits I had done before, the third one was a PVC figure that my boyfriend had, they also took the box that my boyfriend’s Iron Man mark 3 from Hot toys came in… the box was EMPTY!!!! except for the extra base it had for the figure… how in the world did this guys just take my figures and an empty box… it makes no sense…

My figures were on top of my display cabinet in a display case and the empty box was on top of that…

This whole ordeal has left my boyfriend with less worth for his figure now that it has no box… and myself I was also stricken with anger because it was MY WORK! it was my sweat and tears that completed my figures… for what? so that a fucking junky can sell them for 5 bucks each just to get more drugs????

All because my stupid neighbors don’t close the entrance door to the building…. now a robber knows about this and has taken advantage of it so he can go in and steal more stuff…..


I just hope karma gets to him, he has screwed both me and my boyfriend over…. the burglar didn’t even know what he was taking… I mean for fuck sakes there were several blue rays and even a tablet media player on the table next to my figures…. why the fuck didn’t he take that???????!!!!!!

I hope the fucker gets his karma for this….

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