SOPA Protest… stupid american politions…

So I just read that Wiki, twitpic wordpress and other sites are shutting down tomorrow for 24 hrs, now I didn’t pay attention to this at first but then it hit me, shutting down the servers mean that all the blogs hosted by wordpress will shut down… and well since this is only something that’s happening in the US and me being just across the border I thought to myself.. “Ohhh crap, my blog is hosted by wordpress… GREAT ” so now my page will be dead tomorrow, it sucks because I’ve been planning on adding google add sense since I’ve been getting a lot of hits for several months now Grrrrr this pisses me off, not offend anybody and don’t get me wrong, I love he US and plan on moving there in the next 5 years, but the government is F#$%#@g crazy!!!! seriously, what the hell are those people thinking? censuring a la china? bull crap >_> Anybody else have something hosting on one of these sites?

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