Day 4 in Hermosillo…

Day 4…

I have little internet connection during the day, I just wrote this down in my notepad to paste it later here as I have been feeling somewhat alone…

This is my first time traveling for just business, it has been almost 7 months since I was unemployed and now an opportunity came about for me, I’m still wondering why I took it being that it’s a job that I swore never to take again, but unfortunately… well paid work in Tijuana is not found easily anymore… So I decided to take it to ease my burden and loved ones as well, so here I am, in a place were  I’ve never been, never wanted to visit nor cared about, all for the sake of work and getting back on my feet again, even if it meant doing something that scared me since I had to travel alone for the first time.

I normally don’t post anything this personal in my blog but I haven’t been feeling that well since I arrived.

There is nothing to see here, nothing to do, no actual attractions to see, this I was told today that Hermosillo was a very little town but in a few years back it started growing exponentially, this is just a little town blown out of proportions in the middle of a desert area. My experience here has not been the greatest, the people I’ve come across were very rude, even being really polite to them doesn’t help in getting them to speak nicely to you, other few places I’ve been taken I see the same thing, people are just very rude, I’m not sure if it’s only in the place I’m located at, but everybody seams that way…

It’s not even pretty…

I have been feeling very much lonely when I’m alone, during the day I’m just receiving my training, there are a few guys here telling me how to do the job, but after 6pm they leave and since I’m staying in a very big house, I feel really scared sometimes, wondering if maybe someone will brake in since the house is used as an office and people know that there are a lot of computers here, last might I heard a door slam and it felt like it was here in the house…  the house doesn’t have an alarm system so that not very reassuring.

In short… the only interesting thing I’ve seen so far is a white rabbit walking along the street like he owned it, he passed right by me but when I moved he just ran.

I feel lost most of the time, the only thing that’s familiar is an oxxo convenient store 2 blocks away, even my gps doesn’t work because it doesn’t show the streets from around here, just mayor roads, so I can’t even go outside to take a walk and see something interesting.

I just wish time would go faster, I’m really homesick and just want to return 😦

I haven’t been able to sleep, the bed is really hard like a rock, even though they gave me like 6 pillows, it’s still uncomfortable, the shower doesn’t work that well either so it’s hard to take a good bath without waiting for the water to come down in a decent pour… No TV, well there is one but it doesn’t work, I can’t  get a single channel, sometimes I get a really week signal from a neighbor if I’m in the farthest side of the room at the end of the house, at times I can check my email or facebook but no really good entertainment.

Sorry if I can’t get any good comments of my trip so far… but sometimes I feel so bad that I just wanna let it out and maybe feel that I’m not alone, the only highlight of my day was when I was talking to a british person in London that said I had a really nice accent, funny thou, I was thinking the same thing about her.

I had to go outside to the backyard to actually post this, it’s raining and it’s cold, so I’ll just leave it here… tomorrow is thursday… then friday and hopefully by saturday morning I’ll be back home to everything that’s familiar to me

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