New video series

So I decided to make a new video series on Garage kit Reviews and also garage kit tutorials.

I’ve been thinking that there are very few videos on garage kits and also good videos on reviews, so since I have a bit more time in my hands now that I get off work early, I decided to make this as part of my blog content, maybe someone can learn something new or maybe a good review can give insight on how good is a kit before they decide to buy it.

I was thinking that the videos would be periodic but well documented.

If anybody has suggestions or ideas before I start as I already filmed 1 review, I’m about to film a 2nd one soon.

I do plan on doing a “now making” video series also, this would just be videos of how I paint a figure from start to finish but it would be complimented with detailed pics on a WIP page here on my blog soon to be an official page (I’m waiting for my first pay check after a long 7 months of unemployment lol and the first think I wanna do with it is buy my domain 🙂 )

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