Facebook new timeline

I’m. Not the one to talk about facebook that much but now with the feature of the timeline profile, It’s something that I don’t like now that Facebook will force you to use it weather you  like it or not, I think It’s just to Mich information that it huerta the eyes, I still don’t get how your suppose to read a profile now, it looks like everything is everywhere, I wish this didn’t have to be something that they force you to accept, it kinda looks like MySpace now…

Another thing that I think I read was that people will now.be able to see if you visit their profile, something that hi5 first started and then MySpace added. I really don’t want to know who visits my profile, it’s not like I’m going to delete my profile but many things are changing, they say change is good, but this is not that good for me.

Just the other week I was watching a tv special “the Facebook obsession” many people complaint about the privacy features that Facebook changes all the time, and how people dislike many changes, the only thing Facebook won’t change or add is the “dislike” button.. I do know why Mark Sukerburg won’t add it and never will pre so he says.

At the end of the day, Facebook can do whatever it wants because this is a free “service” and since people don’t pay for it, well I guess everybody and myself will have to suck it up…

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