People in GK forums

I’ve noticed that people in forums are so freaken special and delicate that apparently get offended by the things I comment on, and to my understanding, I don’t think I ever say anything to offend anyone, but it looks like people just take that way anyways.

The only 2 forums I actually visit are E2046’s and a forum with renegades from the E2046 forum, since E started to censure a lot of comments, a lot people were pissed and just left that forum to open their own little private one, also exclusive to say the least, if you don’t get invited you aint commin in.

I was invited and hopped that the people in there wouldn’t be so uptight, but it turned out to be the same, there are a lot of thing that I disagree on and thinking that my opinion would be respected as such without judgment, I just got sick and tired of these people, there are so many things that I think are ridicules coming from them. For example, being offended by nude figure… COME FREAKEN ON nude fucking figures? it’s like if I would get offended by looking at Michelangelo’s David… they go out of their way to censure these figures like if they were real people.

Not wanting to go other than positive happy go lucky comments on people’s work even if the figure is poorly painted, I’m not saying that my figures are perfect, but I don’t get offended or pissed because someone would point out some errors I can improve for the next time. These people Irritate me, over praising, over commenting, and simply just having preference for certain individuals in the forum that they always comment on their threads, I have noticed that they have “branded” me and make as if I never comment, in other words, my threads are always being ignored.

With these type of people who the hell wants to participate in their forums… “we are all friends” my ass.

I do lurk a lot because of this. I don’t comment anymore because what’s the point of speaking out your mind if nobody cares and ignores you.

That is the main reason I’m making my video series, there are a lot of people out there that will agree with my opinions and even if they don’t they will comment at least to say they don’t agree.

This would be a good topic for James Rolfe’s series of “you know what’s bullshit”. It’s bull crap that people in the building community, or at least this one, would be so uptight and very sensitive.

Since I know a lot of the people on the forums don’t read my blog, but if they do, you know about the people I’m talking about.

These people need to get laid.


/end Rant.

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