Growing up in my generation

I remember that when I was 10 years old, I would see adults ages 25-30 years old and I would just think to myself “wow, they look so serious and boring, they only work and no play at all” in other words, I would look at them as people who had boring lives, with boring jobs, and  I would not think of myself as being like that at all, in fact, I would not even be able to imagine myself at 25 back then, all my life was about was getting through school and watching tv.

I came to notice that my sister’s generation (she was born in the 70’s) was the generation that watched the VHS tape get invented, the cassette tape and 80’s music was to become their highlight in life, they didn’t really have anything to have fun with.

My generation watched the atari, nintendo and sega genesis get born, the CD, DVD and the cellphone get invented (I was born in the 80’s) so my generation did get more little gadgets and toys to be entertained with, and looking back at that, I see my same generation at an older age and I see that we have more fun, we act like kids at times and we still remember a lot of things from our childhood that brings us fun and dear memories, but not because of our parents or places, but most of our fun memories of playing video games or other gadgets. We are the generation that at 30-33 are still playing video games, watching cartoons and anime and buying figures and toys, going to conventions and just having fun like we use to when we were young.

I’ve also notice that the video game industry at least for PS and xbox has oriented their sales to older audiences and not to little kids… in other words to the SAME people that we use to play nintendo and sega when we were young, we have grown up and so has the industry and the rest of the entertainment  like the anime and manga industry, the only industry that I’ve seen sales directed at younger audiences has been for the nintendo wii and the nintendo DS, of course they have not been getting a lot success economically because they don’t have anything for our generation that can be considered as entertaining.

Everything that I considered boring in adults when I was young, fortunately stayed with that generation and didn’t repeat itself on mine, I think that out of the 3 generations existing today, ours is the best, why? because the new generation gets born with ipods, cellphones and computers already at their finger tips, they don’t know what a VHS is or a cassette, they just have it all, and I think that that’s boring in itself, we are the generation X, we were not born with anything, we saw it be invented and that’s cool enough 🙂

So my generation still knows how to have fun!

My name is Brenda… I’m 28 soon to turn 29 years old, I love cartoons, anime, manga, comics, I play video games and still get exited with new figures and toys come out, I go to conventions and  enjoy every minute of it, my whole house is covered in anime and video game posters, and the best part of it all… is that I still have fun just as a little kid would have, and I don’t think I’ll ever change.  We are the generation of nostalgia…. I am generation X.

See you at Anime expo and Comic Con bitches!!! XD


3 thoughts on “Growing up in my generation

  1. Ha…totally agree. Looks like we are even the same age! LOL! I posted earlier and referred to you as Leona…now I just read that your name is actually Brenda. Sorry! >.<

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