My workbench

One thing I’ve always liked to see is other people’s workbench, there’s a lot you can tell about someones personally and way of working at the very glance of seeing it for the first time.

I recently expanded my workstation from 1 desk to 2, I have a bit more space and added some areas where I can have everything at my hands, so, for those curious, here is a little tour of my workplace 🙂

Here are all my gk’s as my boyfriend says… in line to be made lol, I prefer to see them as part of my collection xD …. All of my base are belongs to you, that’s what I reply back to him LOLOLOL

As you can see, I have a lot of basses I can use for my figures, but also, if you see on the left side, there’s a little book I got as a present from my boyfriend on how to sculpt! yes, I’t really awesome and it has really great pictures you see step by step on how to sculpt from zero.

The funny part is that this book came out years ago and this figure just came out on this years Wonder Festival in Tokyo.

A lot of my material I use to prep and paint.

Sanding files, gloves, some aluminum, wax and plastic paper.

My actual work area.

a Larger view of my 2 desks 😀

And a little spoiler on a new project I started a while ago but haven’t really published yet as a WIP.

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