Sailor Moon for summer 2013


 It’s official, Sailor Moon returns for summer 2013 with a whole new story, announced at Japan Expo in France by the voice actors of Usagi and Mamoru. I have to say, a lot of expectation is overwhelming all of us fans, for people like me that grow up with Sailor Moon the news came down and shocked us all to the point of tears of excitement, we never though that Sailor Moon would return to TV even though we all wished it a lot.

 At least for me, this is really big thing, I did like the idea of a new SM series but never imagine that on the year she turned 20, the news bomb would be coming down to hit me so hard and made me remember all the wonderful memories I had while watching her, both for the series and events in my life back then.

I’m full of expectations for the series, I really want to see how the character designs will come up, what type of story they will develop (hopefully not one of those monster of the day series like the original one), it’s a new story but a reboot of the original manga series which I WOULD LOVE, as the manga is very different than the anime, for those of you that have not read it… DO IT. But if it does come to a new arc in the series after Sailor Moon Stars, I’m very curious on how they will develop it, as I know for a fact that Naoko Takeuchi did not like whatsoever the changes that they made on the anime as far the many details both small and big, like the Sailor Star Lights being woman only on their sailor star lights form, in the manga, they have always been women but dress up as guys, so by this time, Usagi has been hit on and kissed by Haruka and now by Seiya, but she never gets kissed by her, just receives her declaration of love.

The only thing I have been disappointed at (and that’s not very good at all being that the series has not even come up yet) is the music…. OHHH GAWDDD it’s horrible!!!!, I really don’t like the pretty cure thing with the jpop idols group T_T they are supposedly making this series for us, the fans that grew up with SM  and not for new people that are just getting to know SM, but with this type of music I totally disagree and hope that it’s not a marketing scheme to get people to watch something “new” >_>

If you don’t believe me…. just check out the official song for the series…


 It’s horribleeeeee!!!!! I don’t like it at all!!! T_T

I really am excited but I hope they don’t screw it up…

Also, please get your information from official sources, I stumbled upon a latin american site that supposedly is an official SM fan club but gave incorrect info on the details when SM 2013 was announced. These sites are crap. OFFICIAL SOURCES RULE. go to, animenews network and other media in that range.

One thought on “Sailor Moon for summer 2013

  1. Hi Leona,

    I stumbled on your site because I recently got into garage kits. In addition, I’m also a huge Sailor Moon fan since I was in elementary school. Anyhow, I just had to make a comment on this post. I am very excited for the new Sailor Moon, but like you, I really hate the song and is hoping that it’s not seriously going to be the official song. When I first heard it last year, I kept cringing at every second of the performance. I really hope the new story will make up for the bad singing…

    By the way, I love your site and thanks for the wonderful tutorial videos. 🙂


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