Sailor Moon Merchandise: Overpriced or just plain stupid?

Until now, I have been wandering around ebay trying to find some specific sailor moon merchandise, merchandise that 10 years ago I saw at the comic book store or at a hobby store and wanted to purchase now as back then I was decisive on whether to  get it or I had no money to spare and buy it.

I was surprised with a shocking revelation… a lot of the stuff I was looking had sky high prices!!! Why are prices so high for stuff from 10 years ago?!. Now I understand that Sailor Moon will return in 2013 and that a lot of merchandise is coming back in and the trend is to buy it…. apparently at any cost…ARE YOU F@%#$% SEROUS!!!???? I would understand that merchandise from 20 years ago will be expensive, heck it’s even considered vintage now :S and mostly merchandise from Japan like the famous Sailor Moon wands and lockets. I have seen these items at 200 even 300 dollars on the market, and it’s ok, they are very rare and nobody back then thought that they would be highly collectibles 20 years later…. YES 20, no 18 not 15, 20, Sailor Moon was born in 1992 for those of you that didn’t know, so I understand that they were very little batches made of these items hence the super high price for them, I totally get it, but why would the price go so high for stuff that IS NOT WORTH WHAT THEY ARE SELLING IT FOR?!

OK, so… lets talk put on our thinking caps and analyze things here, a lot of this merchandise is 10 years old and still available in some places, but for some reason the prices on ebay seem to be exempt for them rest of the world on prices and believe they can sell these items are what ever crazy price they can put it on, all the fans for Sailor Moon go gaga over these things and would pay a high price for it, right? WRONG! seller are just taking advantage of the name and the fact that most of this merchandise will sell at 2 or even 3 times the price now that the new anime will come later.

Either the sellers are complete idiots or the people that buy these merchandises  are even stupider to buy this stuff at 5 times the original cost or what it’s actually worth, lets take the gashapon figures as an example, these tiny figures are mass produced and had several sets available with all the different characters from the series, I saw this and other gashapon sets 10 years ago at $15.99 a set… Now I see them at RIDICULOUS prices!!

Individual characters from specific sets are being sold for horrific prices and the worst part of it all is that people BUY THEM, this is so stupid… why would people buy these tiny figures that don’t have a lot of details, some times they have a lot of flaws and are not perfect.

I would probably consider buying this set right here, compared to the price of this idiot who is just selling one at more than half the price.

You need to actually think about this, why would you purchase one of these figure, when for a little bit more you can purchase a good detailed figure, either a garage kit or a PVC which are bigger and better than just 1 character from a gashapon set.

These are what I would consider buying if I just want 1 character

These are garage kits, most of them are some times prep painted and the last one is an official PVC from Megahouse, so if you are going to invest on a collectible, why not do the intelligent thing and analyze/think about what you are going to buy and if it’s worth the price. With garage kits, some times you won’t find them painted or put together but you can always commission someone to paint them for you and personalize them for you! It’s not that complicated!

Let’s now talk about the mangas, once upon a time there was a company called tokyopop that had their pocket mixx mangas, these were the Sailor Moon mangas that were translated to English, this editorial brought all the SM manga volumes and completed their translation, but shortly before the last volume was released, tokyopop stopped printing the manga and thus became out of print, I was fortunate to buy all the mangas back then, it took me 5 years to complete it and I was very proud of it! but then tragedy struck and I was submerged in a deep depression in 2006, I sold 90% of my collection because it reminded me of the person that I loved and lost, the complete set sold for 345 dollars… plus shipping. I regret ever selling them to this day when I got out of my depression… yeah that shit makes you do stupid things. But they sold at that price because of the obvious, they were out of print and SM was getting more and more popular, in my opinion, tokyopop was very stupid in discontinuing the production of one of the manga series that left them with more cash.

So the manga was being sold and still is, for 4 times or even 10 of what it’s original price per book was.

With the new release (that nobody was expecting but everybody was wishing for it) these books are no longer worth this amount of money, yet people still think they can sell them, that’s why you see that the listing lasts for 30 days and when that time is up they re-list them because nobody buys them.

Even though the new manga format has changed, instead of the 18 volumes, now that have been compacted into 12, 10 of them being the actual story arcs and the last 2 being the side stories that you would read in between arcs in the original format.  Nobody is buying the out of print expensive ones, when they can buy the new version for it’s actual price, and Kodansha USA doesn’t plan to quit producing copies of the manga, it would be might stupid of them to kill the new golden goose, these books are even obsolete now that the new releases are out, and this was announced on the eve of the 20th anniversary of sailor Moon, it was a big surprise and a dream come true for the old fans what grew up with SM.

I had originally purchased… well it was actually a birthday present from my boyfriend, the new version of the SM manga but in Japanese, before it was announced that the manga would come back to the US, and the price was very reasonable, 65 dollars total for the whole set of 12 books.

I was very happy with the collection, specially because of the new art that Naoko Takeuchi made for the covers.

And even after having received these new books, I still purchased the new English releases and plan to keep them both.

This goes to show that you will never know if a new version of the current merchandise will come in the future and bite you in the ass when you have purchased it for 100 times it’s worth. You need to be more intelligent than that. only the consumer can put an end to over priced merchandise that is not worth that they are selling it for! I hope in the future I wont see these mangas sold for 30 dollars each when they are still being printed. Just because it has Sailor Moon on it, doesn’t mean that it’s suppose to be that freaken expensive.

Thinking caps off.

So if you are a SM collectionist or want to be one, be smart and RESEARCH before you go and spend 300 dollars on something that you might find for 20 dollars elsewhere. Don’t give the greedy sellers more power over merchandise that can be sold for less but because of stupid people, they break the market and make it crash.

3 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Merchandise: Overpriced or just plain stupid?

  1. I think it is just best to wait for new releases this time around, they are pretty much remaking everything anyway for a fraction of the overpriced, mass-produced, flawed 90s products (except for the Premium Bandai and Moonlight Memory releases, those are really expensive – the Proplicas are a better option).

    What do you think of the Figuarts Zero figures?

  2. I could never afford any Sailor Moon toys n stuff. I can only get the DVDs and Mangas. The Blu-Rays are crazy high like $50-80 per part of the series’s sets. So yeah, I cannot afford nothing anime, just the DVDs and books. I would never spend $500 or more on a Sailor Moon figure, prop or costume!

  3. you call them greedy… but only the auctions on ebay are greedy..those who are manilpulating the price..thats what makes it so hard to get this rare sailor moon toys..they just put rare on it and all the moonie fans go gaga about it and buy cosmic compacts for 900 dollars because its a bandai on it ….and that not worth the price…they must be rich

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