A message to The clubhouse

Apparently I have hit a nerve in your stupid little community full of jerks.

If you so much as hate people and condemn them for working on recast, you are just a bunch of hypocrites, even though you said that my work was worthless just because it was a recast, YOU STILL COME AND VISIT MY SITE.

If I hate something, I would not bother looking at the thing I hate the most, you are just a bunch of stupid American purists and think they have a right to judge everybody that doesn’t think like you.

Even though I left a little message on my original post, I was actually looking forward to getting that thread closed and maybe get banned on the way, I was getting sick and tired of looking at my traffic site info and know that more than 100 visits were being made daily from that stupid forum, it worked, it worked so well that you have flattered me while posting a new thread just about little ‘ol me, no I didn’t join your stupid forum again, a cool thing about my site dashboard is that I can see who comes into my page and it gives me the page where my link was placed and clicked.

So keep em comin’ the after all the worst publicity is the best publicity. All of you that come to my page via links on threads on your forums are just a bunch of asshole hypocrites, “Oh you work is shit because it’s a recast” yet you still click to visit my page, that means that I’m living rent free inside each and every one of your heads that comes and visit my site just to check it out and then judge me for what I do.

I never liked those ugly ass American sculpts, you can all shove them up your ass ^_^

I will keep track of your visits, it’s very entertaining now.

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