This years L00t

Well the year is almost at the end and we all have loots to share, I know, I know… a lot of people don’t post anything until the year is almost over but I actually finished paying my last kit for this year, and also who knows, maybe Friday will be the last day on earth that I can get to post anything LOL

I don’t plan on making any more videos until Next year due to family and holidays, but I do have a small video planned for this Friday to be the last one of the year, nothing special though.

So in no apparent order, here are the kits I was able to hog this year Xd (which btw, this has been the first ever year when I had purchased more than 5 kits, so this is a huge milestone LOL)

Asahina Mikuru gothic lolita version
1/7 scale

Sailor Moon 1/7 scale

Sailor Mars 1/7 scale

Sailor Venus 1/7 Scale

Sailor Mercury 1/7 scale

Sailor Jupiter 1/7 scale

Nakoruru 1/6 scale

Jeane 1/6 scale (however she is huge and I would dare to say she could be 1/5 scale)

Sailor Chibimoon 1/6 scale

Sailor Pluto 1/6 scale

Sailor Saturn 1/8 scale

Yukino Miyazawa 1/6 scale

“zabrina” Cabal Force Shielder 1/5 scale



And these are the figures I got through trades:

Shii arisugawa (no skirt version) 1/7 scale

Arisa 1/6 scale (but she’s even smaller than Shii so scales are fucked up)

Panty 1/7 Scale


And these are still in transit but will eventually arrive within the next week

Aisaka Taiga
1/6 scale

Peorth with Gorgeous Rose 1/6 scale (still in transit after some problems with shipping)

Belldandy and Holly Bell 1/4 scale busts

Super Sailor Moon 1/8 scale


Plus some more kits I received but as commissions so I’m not counting those XD

Anyways, hope your loot was better than mine and I really hope that the world won’t end on 12/21/2012 since I purchased a lot o kits and I want my life to continue to be able to paint them XD

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