Official Stargate Ra necklace replica

With Christmas gone, there was still one last present I hadn’t received.

Today I went to my po box and found a present that Santa AKA my boyfriend wasn’t able to get on time for the holidays as is came all the way from the Netherlands, to my surprise this has been THE most awesome present I have ever received in Christmas times, he got me something that never in my wildest dreams I would imagine getting…

An official replica of the Ra necklace from Stargate, it was totally handmade by a licensed blacksmith on part of the studio!!!

It’s exactly the same bit by bit and stone by stone as in the movie!

I never knew how much it costs but my boyfriend did say that it was VERY expensive, he also mentioned that he did find the original movie prop but for a small price of 15,000 dollars but he was two cents short LOL …. I’m just fine with this one 😀

stargate ra necklace



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