Un unexpected journey

So we went to the movies to go see the Hobbit for the second time but this occasion we were suppose to see it in 4D with the lights, the air and the seats moving and all that good stuff,

I was preparing myself to fly with Gandalph and the others… so when we got to the box office we asked to see The hobbit at 5pm, naturally being in Mexico they changed the titles and (which is stupid imo) so we said “2 for the hobbit” in Spanish of course so “2 para EL HOBBIT” the girl at the counter says 2 for “An unexpected journey?” and since the Hobbit is subtitled as “El hobbit, una aventura inesperada” we though it was the same one, we got into the movies and for some reason I was not seeing the shiere … I was seeing parts of India?????

Turns out that we went into the wrong movie and payed for “Life of Pi” which in Spanish they translated it into “Un aventura extraordinaria” …..
WTF with the fucking translations??!!! aaaggghhh….

But we stayed anyways and I just have 1 thing to say….


And take lots of tissues! u gonna cry a lot if you love animals.

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