My work was featured on VSAUCE!

I’m in awe!

My Sailor Cosmos Video WIP was featured on VSAUCE!!!!

I woke up this morning with the pillow stuck to my face, turned on the computer and did my regular routine of browsing through my messages, I first checked facebook and nothing new there, then I logged on to my gmail and OMFG I had a gazillion emails!!! I though someone was spaming me but then after seeing the recipient … it was all youtube, I was puzzled! my exact words… “WTF??!!! WHO THE FUCK!!??…. this is good but whatttttt????”

After browsing through the messages, 90% were new subscriptions and and the rest were comments.

I was still not able to recognize how was it that I was getting so many hits, then after reading one of the comments, someone said “I came here from wesauce” which is VSauce’s youtube channel to feature creative works from other youtubers. I could not believe it! VSauce featured one of my videos on their youtube site!

So after the shock I got really excited! I had to see the video they posted with my work, so I checked their website with lightning speed and there it was…..

Exactly on Minute 1:38 :D!!!!!


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