Next Figure project Poll

So, I have several kits that I have that don’t necessary plan on keeping, they’re really cool, but cool for me to just paint them XD

My boyfriend says that I have a “God complex”” saying that all I always want is just to create stuff, so I’ve decided to ask you guys, which of these kits would you like to see me paint just for the purpose of selling it in an auction to see who wins it 😛

In no way am I saying that I don’t like these figures, all the contrary, but I just tend to see a figure that I think is very cool and just think on painting it and I don’t tend to think a lot on whether I’ll be keeping it or not, except for the ones I really REALLY want, those are always marked as MINE LOL

So feel free to vote!

(this is just for curiosity purpose only 😉 )



Miku’s Vocal Concert

Belldandy and Hollybell bust

Elin Mystic



These are figure I actually have, so if you have any other suggestions, just write the name and a link to the figure image to consider it as well.

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