Gallery for contest entries are now up! :D

The only thing I hate about E2046’s gk contest is that they force you to be very secretive with your entries and not show anything related to the figure you will be participating with, but once the polling starts they let you do it, so I’m sorry if I didn’t post anything on any of my kits that participated.

But now all participants are allowed to show their work in their personal website, so I’m pleased to introduce my 2 works for Figure and Diorama categories:

check out Asuka’s Gallery here

Her WIP is also up, you can check it here

Link to my contest entry for this Figure is here

The base was a temp one in order to take pictures of her, as my customer already had a special custom base prepared for her once she arrived at his place.

And This “little” Diorama was also entered in the contest, this was actually a personal project of mine that I’ve been thinking of for the last 2 years, so be my guest and visit their gallery here
I did film all the mod process on the blader, so that will be a 3 parts special I will make soon, for those of you wanting to know how I did the whole process 🙂

And the link to my contest entry for this Diorama is here


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