New episode is up for the Moonie Fans (like me :P )

This is part 1 of 2, ChibiUsa and Pegasus in that fateful meeting in the crystal forest 😀

7 thoughts on “New episode is up for the Moonie Fans (like me :P )

  1. Was there any reason that you did not want to simply join the two torso pieces for Pegasus? I love the modifications on Chibiusa! They look great.

    • Yup! I want to be able to paint and shade inside between his legs, and getting the AB to spray evenly when the 2 pieces are joined is very difficult, so I first need to shade and then join the 3 pieces, once joined, they will be puttied, sanded and then painted, the whole piece will look like only 1 instead of 3, I’ll be showing how I do that in part 2 🙂

      • That makes a lot of sense for shading his legs.

        I had no doubt that you’d make the 3 pieces look like 1! XD My putty-fu isn’t as refined; my joined parts usually have a fine hairline for some reason (which makes me crazy). Can’t wait for the second half of the video!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have the same kit as well and noticed that Chibi-Usa doesn’t have as much detail in comparison to Pegasus. I like how you re-sculpted some of her features like the hairline and eyes. I purchased a mirror base for this kit to make it reflective like the water in the animated scene. Looking forward to seeing your finished product. Really great video WIP! 🙂

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